Date: ________________________

We, Robert and Wanda Krauss, herinafter known as the breeders, have sold a ______ quality ________  Samoyed,
with microchip number ___________________ from the litter of:

directly to:


herinafter known as the buyer(s), and have received the amount of ________ in full payment.  We give permission and
request that our kennel name "K Way" be used in the dog's registered name.

The breeders guarantee this puppy against Hip Dysplasia and any other hereditary defects that would shorten its useful
lifespan.  The buyer(s) agree to have the dog's eyes examined by a veterinary opthalmologist at 2,6, and 10 years of age,
and have its hips x rayed between the ages of 24 30 months and the hip radiograph submitted to the Orthopedic
Foundation for Animals.  Copies of the examination reports are to be sent to the breeders.

Should the dog be adjudged dysplastic or to have any other hereditary life shortening condition, the buyer agrees to have
it euthanized, neutered, or return it to the breeders.  Upon receipt of the dysplastic dog or a veterinarian's certification of
euthanasia, the breeders will refund the full purchase price shown above or replace the dog with a puppy of comparable
quality.  Upon receipt of a veterinarian's certification of neutering the defective dog, the breeders will refund $300.  The
choice of options is up to the buyer.  This guarantee is void if the dog has been bred, unless
written permission has been obtained from the breeders before any breeding takes place.

The buyer(s) further agrees to notify the breeders yearly, in writing, how the dog is getting along.If the buyer(s) move from
the above or any subsequent address, or if they should decide to sell the dog, the breeders are also to be notified in
writing.  The breeders retain first option to purchase the dog back.

The buyer(s) also agrees to exercise reasonable care and diligence in maintaining the dog in good health and sound
condition.  Should the buyer(s) not exercise such care, the breeders or their agents are given permission, without
recourse to law, to enter the buyer's property and take possession of the dog.  If the condition of the dog warrants, up to
the original purchase price, less shipping and medical expenses and other expenses connected with rehabilitating the
dog, will be returned to the buyers if the dog's registration papers are transferred back to the breeders.

The buyer(s) have been granted a discount of $100 in consideration of the following: (1) The buyer(s) will not spay or
neuter the puppy without written permission from the breeders, and (2) The buyer(s) will make the puppy available to be
shown at least three times during its first year.  Showing as a mature dog will be by mutual agreement of all parties.

If the puppy is a show quality male, the buyer agrees to provide free stud service to any bitches owned or leased by the
breeders.  The breeders will be responsible for any normally incurred expenses in connection with those stud services
such as shipping expense, motel expense, veterinarian expense, etc.

Show quality puppies are also guaranteed against any disqualifying or severe genetic faults which would make the dog
undesirable for either showing or breeding, such as PRA or undescended testicles, etc.  Upon certification of such fault
by a proper recognized authority (such as a veterinary opthalmologist for PRA), a refund or replacement as specified
above will be offered.

Agreed this day by

  _____________________________________(breeder)   ____________________________________(buyer)

  _____________________________________(breeder)   ____________________________________(buyer)
K Way Samoyeds
Bob & Wanda Krauss
W8228 Kent Road,  Poynette, WI 53955
608) 635 4707